Have you heard of LSO Play?

lso-logo--1291388224-article-0If you’re interested in the working dynamics of an orchestra and want to find out all you can about it, then you definitely need to have a look at LSO Play, a new website that allows you to focus on different sections of the London Symphony Orchestra while they play Ravel’s Bolero, showing you four different viewpoints at any one time.

There’s a sidebar on the left that helps you navigate your way through the site, with fact sheets on all the instruments in the orchestra, biographies on the conductor and the players and various masterclasses with some leading musicians, including Sam Walton, Dudley Bright, Matthew Gardner, Chi-Yu Mo and Rachael Leach.

A few downloads are also available – a Key Stage 2 resource for teachers and the full live performance of Bolero, directed by Gramophone award winner Christopher Swann.

According to the website, this is the first in an ongoing series of performances, so keep an eye on what’s coming up next.


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