Classical music ‘a hit’ with young children

Baby-musicPart of the Two Moors Festival’s work in the south-west involves taking classical music into schools and engaging with young children, helping them foster an interest in a subject they may well otherwise fail to engage with. And it’s now been suggested that listening to classical music extensively during the primary school years means they are more likely to appreciate a wider range of music later on in life.

According to the study by the Institute of Education, listening to live classical pieces by the likes of Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn enhanced children’s listening skills and helped develop other skills including self-discipline and concentration.

“We have consistently found that when classical music is presented in the right way children have a direct and positive response, and that as trust grows between the children and the musicians we can take them further. By the time they hear a full orchestra their level of concentration and enjoyment is amazing to see,” chief executive and programme director David Chernaik said.

It was also found that the children said they enjoyed listening to classical music and didn’t find it too difficult, with some suggesting that they were more open to classical music than adults might assume.


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