The Monday mood board: a classical music wedding

If you’re in the throes of planning a wedding and want to have a bit of a classical music theme running throughout the day, here are some great creative ideas to help you do just that.

1. A very classical cake

316bdb72adf75a218f2d94d0c362616eKeep things simple with your classical music wedding – this cake ticks all the boxes.

2. Go vintage

b31f76092b4de1a9de5daeb252c2ee41What a gorgeous way to use an old gramophone.

3. Take your seat

536cd5f47f42c7cd1072626d9c5dc182Here’s a very simple but most effective classical music place setting idea.

4. Delightful decorations

498bede62ed304fcf8c8bcb443e650abUsing cardboard musical notes as table decorations would be very easy to do – and they look beautiful!

5. A musical bouquetcd539bd4c73d66ca8379361c9230cd0d

Do things a little differently for your bouquet with some classical music paper roses.


What do you think?

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