Exmoor Wildwatch 2014

One very good reason for a holiday in Exmoor is the excellent opportunity to see some of the most beautiful wildlife the UK has to offer – and you’re sure to see more than just sheep if you go rambling around and about the countryside.

Now, walkers are being encouraged by the Exmoor National Park to take part in Exmoor Wildwatch 2014 to help the group gain a better understanding of the moorland wildlife by recording their sightings on the Wildwatch website (where you can also access free identification guides to help).

The key species the Park is keen to learn more about are  the cuckoo, kingfisher, brown hare, adder, common lizard, waxcap fungi, round-leaved sundew and heath fritillary, small pearl-bordered fritillary and comma butterflies.

“Exmoor National Park is home to a fantastic array of wildlife and we would like everyone’s help to find out a little more about some of the special species that live here … some of which are nationally rare and others we simply do not know enough about. Some, like the cuckoo, are distinctive, while others such as the round-leaved sundew may require more searching in some of Exmoor’s fantastic bogs,” conservation officer Ali Hawkins said.

The idea is being supported by free wildlife and surveying events you can get involved in if you’re on holiday in Exmoor, from helping remove silver birches from moorland (with baked potatoes cooked in the open air for lunch!) to learning how to read maps accurately.


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