The Monday Moodboard: Pianos!

Monday mood board

We’re celebrating the 300th birthday of the Great Bach on the blog today – not Johann Sebastian as some might assume, but his second oldest son (one of 20!) and most avante-garde, Carl Philipp Emmanuel. Born in 1714, Carl Philipp went on to become one of the most innovative classical music pianists, teachers and composers of his time – with the piano proving to be his favourite instrument of them all.

To honour his 300th anniversary year in 2014, concerts are being put on all around the world – the London Bach Society will be celebrating at St John Smith’s Square on March 21st, a UK premiere by the BBC Singers of his setting of St John Passion (thought to be long lost) is taking place on April 16th at Cadogan Hall and the whole of Germany appears to be marking the occasion. Hamburg, Potsdam, Potsdam, Berlin, Leipzig, Weimar and Frankfurt on the Oder are all hosting concerts, exhibitions and lectures in honour of Carl Philipp Emmanuel.

1. Chute & Butler Pianos

94dbb4a01fe8bfc3e50dcccdb6dbe644Established in 1900 in Peru, Indiana, Chute & Butler specialised in the manufacture of upright pianos, although they also produced a number of baby grands as well. The classical music company also made an attempt to revive interest in the parlour organ by manufacturing piano-cased organs called Piolian Organs. They went out of business in 1923 but their pianos can still be found today and would be a fun investment, as they were all of great quality. We’re also rather partial to their advertisements, which are particularly beautiful as well!

2. Musical cuff links

il_570xN.572744158_5r55It’s important for musicians to look their best when taking to the stage and for pianists, what better way to complete an outfit than with a pair of unusual keyboard cuff links? At £12, a pair of these won’t break the bank so you can get some for yourself and stock up on them as perfect presents for all your music-making friends.

3. Music in nature

tumblr_mfv3s35exl1rmfevgo1_1280Some might see it as a bit of a travesty to upcycle musical instruments and use them as garden features such as this piano water fountain but it’s much better than just taking old and broken instruments to the recycling centre if they are beyond repair – and is a brilliant way of extending your love of all things music-related. Certainly, people will always want a tour of the grounds if you have one of these in your garden!

4. Piano stool

adfe41a8a99aa4d0e56f702d8caed6f4What a lovely addition to any music room this painted chair would be. It would also be a very simple project for you to do at home, if you have a slatted chair and some black paint.

5. Piano pendant necklace


For the perfect present for any music-lover, look no further than this piano pendant necklace. It’ll go very nicely when worn beside a pair of piano cuff links!


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