Penny Adie writes…

Each week, Two Moors Festival artistic director Penny Adie will be here on the blog, letting you all know just what’s been going on down at Festival HQ in Devon.

We’re half way through March and, so far, this is proving to be a quieter week. Famous last words, I am sure!

The first round reports will be received by the candidates who entered the Young Musicians Platform competition. Readers might like to know that we have a reputation for being one of the friendliest and inviting of its type. Feedback suggests that entrants feel at ease on entering the studio where there is a small invited audience in addition to the panel. There are plenty of smiles and comments such as ‘what a pretty dress’. There is often quiet chit-chat while they are preparing to play and once the performance has finished, we have a light-hearted conversation which is often a mini-masterclass. With sweets on offer as they depart, they all feel good with a renewed air of confidence no matter how small their musical offering might have been.

We feel this is a crucial part of the competition. No young artist is going to perform well in a rigid atmosphere especially if playing in public for the first time. The other thing that is unusual is that the artists’ reports are condensed from those of the four-team panel by the Festival’s administrator so that ultimately each candidate receives one that is kind and constructive as well as having praise and criticism.

With this formula, it’s hardly surprising the competition is gaining popularity each year.


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