Off to Prague!

We’re rather excited this morning because we’re off on a very fun classical music trip to the wonderful destination of Prague for a few highly cultural days.

Never having been there before, we’ve made a full itinerary to make sure we see and do as much as we possibly can – not all of it classical music-oriented, but all of it exciting. We’re booked in for a performance of Mozart’s Magic Flute on Saturday in the composer’s own theatre (which we can’t wait to see) and we’re also off to see a marionette version of Don Giovanni. This sounds absolutely amazing – what could be better than Don Giovanni? Don Giovanni with puppets, of course!

We’re also looking forward to standing on the Charles Bridge at sunset (apparently one of the most romantic spots in Europe), sampling some of the local beer and trying smazeny syr – or deep-fried cheese!

What else should be on our agenda? Tell us what we should be doing and seeing, please! See our photos on the blog next week.


What do you think?

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