The Great Instrument Amnesty

A new TV series is coming to Channel 4 this autumn, fronted by acclaimed British pianist James Rhodes, which aims to transform the way schools look at music education and give pupils at state schools the same opportunities as people in the private sector… which is sure to be of interest to those running UK classical music festivals.

Dubbed The Great Instrument Amnesty, the series will ask people across the country to donate their unused musical instruments to poorer schools, and will focus on a primary school in Basildon which is to be the first beneficiary of the project, although James hopes to roll the scheme out around the country.

Speaking to the Radio Times, James said: “Studies show music literacy improves a whole range of things for children including behavioural problems. The kids I worked with, you can see when they hold a pair of castanets the impact it has on people. We want anyone with a violin or clarinet gathering dust in their attic to donate it to children who are not being given the chance to play anything. We are hurtling into this place where the only successful musicans are Etonians and Harrovians and Oxbridge graduates and it’s not fair.”

We’re very much looking forward to autumn when the programme airs and will be watching with interest, as music education is very much at the heart of what the Two Moors Festival does.

Do you have any instruments gathering dust at home you’d like to donate?


2 thoughts on “The Great Instrument Amnesty”

  1. I think this is an amazing project and I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully lots of people will have a good rummage and be able to donate working instruments. Bring on the music!

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