Penny Adie writes…

Each week, Two Moors Festival artistic director Penny Adie will be here on the blog, letting you all know just what’s been going on down at Festival HQ in Devon.

I make no bones about it but writing the text for 30 concerts listed in a brochure is very hard work. You wouldn’t think so as, in theory, you start at the beginning working through the events on each day until you get to the end. However, each concert has to name the artists, correctly spelt, the repertoire put in order (with opus numbers, keys and titles), the venue and start time have to be spot on, and ticket prices must be decided.

The worst nightmare is describing the concerts in no more than five sentences. Coming up with suitable and well written information about what the audience is going to hear and who is performing is a challenge. Whatever you say has to sell the concert, therefore repertoire must be carefully selected. A programme containing nothing but contemporary music will not attract many people – the moment you insert Mozart, you have a peg on which to sell tickets. Of course you want to encourage your audience to be adventurous when they go to a recital, but tickets must be sold.

Deciding on how much to charge is also tricky. It has to reflect the status of the artists, the duration and the programme itself. If you get it wrong, well, tough, and you write a note making sure you get it right the following year.

Other things that must be remembered when assembling the brochure are:

Is lunch offered? If so, what price should you charge?

Is parking going to be a problem? If so the public needs to be warned.

Mention of wheel chair access.

Making sure you include ‘booking essential’ if the pub down the road is popular.

Inserting the correct postcode of each venue.

You might ask why we run a music festival. The answer is because we are passionate about it and above all, know that it brings pleasure to a lot of people.



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