Jayson Gillham in concert at the Two Moors Festival

Last week was a brilliant one for the Two Moors Festival, as we had Australian pianist Jayson Gillham down here in Devon for one of our renowned classical music residencies, practising for the Montreal International Music Competition and giving a recital on Thursday.

His programme included Haydn’s Sonata in B minor, Chopin’s Etude in A minor, Schumann’s Symphonic Etudes and Ligeti’s Etude No 6, among others – so the audience were in for a treat indeed.

Our residencies are the perfect opportunity for musicians to get away from it all and come down to rehearse in the idyllic Devonshire countryside, with food and accommodation (and lots of wine!) provided in return for a concert at the end of the practice period.

Jayson had this to say about his time here with us last week: “I had a lovely time here – we enjoyed perfect weather and everywhere you turn is another stunning view! I slept a lot too, as it’s so peaceful. Apparently other guests have been a bit spooked by the dark and silent nights, but coming from country Australia, it suits me down to the ground.

“I’ve been preparing ‘the rounds’ for the Montreal International Music Competition and the Bosendorfer sounds particularly lovely in the Two Moors gallery – just perfect for my Haydn and Schumann. It also provided me with lots of inspiration for the mystical otherworldly sounds in my Scriabin Sonata.”

If you’d like to come down to Devon for one of our residencies, you can find more information about the Two Moors Festival scheme on our website.


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