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What about Preloved for second-hand instruments?


Earlier this week, we were chatting on Twitter to a lovely lady (with the handle @wildwellies, who runs Wild Wellies – a group that encourages people to get outside and enjoy their natural environment) and she was telling us all about her five-year-old daughter who was keen to play the violin.

We recommended that she take her to see some professional violinists in concert to see if her daughter really is taken with the idea of playing the fiddle, which she duly did, coming back to us a few days later to say she was so absorbed for the full two hours that she just had to get her a second-hand violin.

If you’ve got a budding performer at home and are keen to nurture this interest but don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on an instrument in case they lose interest all too quickly, then a second-hand one is definitely the right choice… and luckily, there are lots on offer on classifieds website Preloved, which is often a lot cheaper than eBay and auction sites.

Some instruments seem more popular than others on the site – we saw a lot of clarinets and recorders, but there were also saxophones, French horns and accordions so dedicate a bit of time to perusing the site to see what you can find.

Did you go second-hand with your instrument? Where did you get it from and how much did you spend?

To find out more about the Two Moors Festival and what we do to support classical music in the south-west, have a look at our website today.


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