Jayson Gillham in Montreal music competition semi-finals!

As followers of the Two Moors Festival blog will know, we had brilliant pianist Jayson Gillham down here with us on a residency a few weeks ago, rehearsing for the Montreal International Music Competition – and it would seem that the peaceful week he spent in the idyllic Devonshire countryside paid off, as it’s just been revealed that he has made it through to the competition’s semi-finals!

But that’s not all – Jayson also won the $5,000 prize for the Best Performance of the Compulsory Canadian Work, so congratulations to go to him for that as well. ” There’s also the exciting news that I won the prize for the best performance of the set piece – due in no small part I’m sure to the extra performance practice I had at Barkham,” Jayson said.

If you want to see Jayson in action in the semi-finals, make sure you tune in on Friday at 21.20 UK time.

And if you’d like to find out more about the Two Moors Festival residency scheme and how it can help you as a musician, head to our website for further information.


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