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enb_headshot_new_begonacao.jpg__214x320_q85_crop_upscaleYou never know whom you might meet on a bus

A few days ago, I was taking my grandson Freddie to London Zoo. That was the plan until the first bus that arrived at Battersea Park didn’t go far enough and the second already had two buggies on board, which meant there wasn’t any room left. With time against us at this stage, we made an instant decision to go to Kensington Gardens instead, which meant a greater choice of buses to reach our destination.

So on the 452 and not the 137, we set off to be joined by a pretty girl on the adjacent seat. On sitting down, she produced a pair of dancer’s pointe shoes. They looked like proper shoes that could only be worn by a professional ballerina. Being nuts about ballet, I plucked up the courage to ask where she danced. Her reply was English National Ballet. Of course she was en route to the Albert Hall where ENB are about to stage Romeo and Juliet in the round.

It not only turned out that our lovely companion was a real live dancer but a Principal with the Company. She happened to be a ‘Juliet’ appearing on the 20th June and I am glad to say that I have bought two tickets to see her in action. She did say that it’s hard to project a character so small in such a huge space. It will be a real thrill to be able to say that I saw the lady on the bus pirouetting in Kensington. Her name is Begoña Cao and, having trained at the Royal Ballet School, has toured with Carlos Acosta and been a Principal since 2009.

‘The beautiful Begoña Cao was a standout in Derek Deane’s Summertime duet’
The Times


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