First ibises born in the UK at Exmoor Zoo!

If you’re planning on coming down to the gorgeous Devon countryside in October for the Two Moors Festival’s main two-week event (taking place between the 15th and the 25th), you should think about making more of a holiday of your trip down here and find some other Devon attractions to discover.

A trip to Exmoor Zoo would certainly be an excellent choice at the moment, because the very first ibises to be born in the UK – typically found in the highlands of southern Africa – now call the animal park home. These birds are particularly vulnerable, with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature especially concerned about their survival in the wild, with fewer than 2,000 breeding pairs in their natural habitat.

The zoo is open in the autumn from September 16th until November 2nd between 10:00 and 17:00, so you have plenty of time to go and have a look at the new arrivals while down in Devon for the Two Moors Festival.

Do let us know if you go and have a look at the birds, as well as all the other animals. There are over 600 for you to go and have a look at, so for a brilliant day out in between enjoying some amazing classical music, think about making a trip to the zoo.

To find out more about the Two Moors Festival and to order a brochure for the 2014 event, visit our website today.


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