Exmoor ponies

The history of the Exmoor pony: a talk at the Two Moors Festival 2014

At this year’s Two Moors Festival main-two week event, taking place between October 15th-25th, we will be putting on a series of interesting talks as well as classical music, all relating to Devon – where the festival takes place every year.

This time around, we’re holding a talk on the history of the Exmoor pony at Dulverton’s Exmoor Pony Centre on October 19th with an outdoor tour of the centre (weather permitting, of course!). In case you’re unfamiliar with these beautiful creatures, they are one of the last native breeds of pony to be found roaming wild in Britain and, year after year, prove to be a big draw for people coming to the area. Everyone wants to see them on a holiday to Devon!

Make sure you keep your eyes well peeled for these majestic beasts as you travel from church to church in October, going to and from the different Two Moors Festival concerts, but if you’re in Exmoor before then you could also make sure you attend the Exmoor Pony Festival 2014.

Taking place between August 9th and 17th, the event includes herd open days, safaris, lovely long walks in the Devon countryside, shows and rides – so it’s the perfect opportunity to acquaint yourself with the Exmoor pony before coming along to our talk in October.

The Two Moors event is free (although you will need to reserve a ticket) and there will be a collection, with all donations going towards the festival’s education programme. We’d love to see you there, so do include the date in your diary.

If you’d like to find out more about this year’s Two Moors Festival programme and to order a brochure, please visit our website today.


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