Penny Adie writes…

Each week, Two Moors Festival artistic director Penny Adie will be here on the blog, letting you all know just what’s been going on down at Festival HQ in Devon.

Last Saturday (June 28th) saw an absolutely brilliant concert take place in the beautiful church in Cullompton, Devon. (This town, by the way, is pronounced ‘Collumpton’, which can be quite confusing!). The concert was given by the supremely talented string players Wells Virtuosi from specialist school Wells Cathedral School.

The school, one of four of similarly music-focused establishments, boasts some of the most exciting and promising players in the UK. Their skill, expertise and musicianship are second to none. What’s more, their sheer exuberance and love of music elevates their performance to a standard far beyond their years. They are extremely fortunate too in having well-known and superb artist Matthew Souter at the helm, whose strong beat and clear guidance makes it hard for them to evade his attention to detail.

The programme comprising Mendelssohn, Respighi, Barber and Richard Strauss was ambitious to say the least. However, they could manage this with ease and ‘tight’ playing, only letting go on occasions. The variety of tone, attention to dynamics and virtuosity was such that every member of the audience listened in the way they would with a professional orchestra on the platform.

As any reader can tell, I was truly wrapped up in this magnificent event and wish the team every ounce of success in their forthcoming tour of Europe. They deserve a pat on the back even before they go!


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