Penny Adie writes…

Each week, Two Moors Festival artistic director Penny Adie will be here on the blog, letting you all know just what’s been going on down at Festival HQ in Devon.

Like all weeks in the year, the Festival keeps us busy. In fact, it’s true to say that the work never stops. There are essentially three people hard at it. My husband, John and Chief Executive, spends part or whole of every day approaching trust funds for money to keep us afloat (and believe me, the Festival, like most arts organisations, needs every penny it can get), our Administrator, Liz Pile tackles everything from organizing accommodation for artists to managing all aspects of education projects and I, as Artistic Director, approach artists for recitals, collaborate on programmes, discuss fees, and if anyone thinks this is a cushy job, well, think again. I am beginning to work on 2016’s festival programme already!

With the Box Office opening in two weeks time, there is preparation to do in making sure that seat rows and numbers are in order. Booking forms require printing and the person in charge of selling tickets is well versed in answering questions on the artists involved, as well as the music content of all the concerts. It’s interesting to note that following a questionnaire sent out last year, most people prefer to book tickets by post or discuss their possible ticket requests over the phone. It is therefore vital to have who has musical knowledge and who can answer the many questions intelligently. Hannah Newman did a splendid job last year and was obviously not put off since she is coming back to take up the reins again.

I always know when the Box Office is about to open as it coincides with that lovely period of summer when all the soft fruit ripens. This means only one thing: jam! Last year hailed 46lbs (not joking) of blackcurrants and I’m longing to see whether this year’s crop will beat that amazing quantity! As I type, redcurrants are brewing for the first lot of jelly with gooseberries not far behind. I will keep readers up to date with progress and if anyone needs any advice on how to make (near) perfect conserves, I am happy to give advice!

To find out more about the Two Moors Festival and to order this year’s brochure, visit our website today.


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