Two Moors Festival 2014 venues revealed

If you’re on our mailing list, you will have received our brochure and seen which venues we will be visiting for this year’s Two Moors Festival main two-week event in October. (If you haven’t had a brochure yet and want to see what concerts we’ve arranged for this year, you can easily order one from our website.)

We’ve just revamped our website and on it have included a very helpful list of all the venues for this year’s event, alongside a handy map so you can quickly and easily see where they all are and where they are in relation to each other, if you’re planning on going to see lots of different concerts.

One of the festival’s aims is to take classical music out of the traditional concert halls of London and into more rural settings, which is why we visit numerous churches across Dartmoor and Exmoor each year.

In 2014, we will be putting concerts on in St Andrew’s Church in Ashburton, St Mary’s Church in Brompton Regis, the Church of the Holy Cross in Crediton and All Saints’ Church in Okehampton to name but a few.

Holding performances in these spaces isn’t without its challenges – the acoustics, for one, can present all sorts of problems! – but we feel so lucky to be able to bring classical music to such beautiful buildings… and the audiences really appreciate it as well!

Have a look at our website to see what concerts we’re putting on this year that might take your fancy. There’s a PDF of the brochure available to download as well.


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