£18m funding pot for music education

Followers of the Two Moors Festival will know how much work we do with schools around the south-west, bringing classical music to hundreds of children who are all eager to learn, so we’re very pleased to hear that the government has this week announced an £18 million funding boost for music education in the UK.

The extra money will mean that thousands more disadvantaged students will have greater access to music lessons and allow the national network of music hubs – set up in 2012 to provide more people with the opportunity to learn – to purchase tens of thousands more instruments.

“This is very welcome news, we’re delighted at the increased opportunity it will bring to support all young people to enjoy music and develop their talents through a connected music education landscape,” chief executive officer of Arts Council England Alan Davey said. “The increase is recognition of the important work of music hubs to make sure that every child has the opportunity to be motivated and inspired by music.”

If you’d like to find out more about how the Two Moors Festival supports music education in the south-west, visit our website today.


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