Penny Adie writes…

Each week, Two Moors Festival artistic director Penny Adie will be here on the blog, letting you all know just what’s been going on down at Festival HQ in Devon.

Bookings are going well and the Friends of the Festival are keen to go to as many concerts as they can in October. The record number from one individual booking is 16events, so do beat that if you are thinking of going!

There seems to be a lot of enthusiastic buzz with regard to this year’s programme. Sometimes it’s hard to get the balance right between early music, romantic, quirky, Impressionistic, Gregorian – in fact, all the different genres one can think of. At the end of the festival, we always encounter concert-goers who ask, “why was there no Haydn this year?” or “you never include any English music. Is that because you don’t like it?” Whatever I do, I know I cannot please everyone and only hope I don’t offend anyone in the process.

I am afraid there are composers who don’t feature as much as they should and I have to admit that sometimes I, as artistic director, am to blame. I am not mentioning who they are however, other than to say they do fall within copyright requirements!

Most supporters are content to listen to a broad spectrum of repertoire on a wide variety of instruments. Contrary to popular opinion, people are keen to be introduced to unfamiliar works and intrigued to hear contemporary music. The Early Music period does attract specialist followers, as does church repertoire. Messiaen on the organ is the hardest thing to sell!

To find out more about this year’s Two Moors Festival concerts, visit our website today and order a brochure.


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