The Daily Telegraph On The Two Moors Festival Concert Hall

If you’re an avid follower of UK classical music festivals in general and the Two Moors Festival specifically, then you will have heard about how we’re planning to build a concert hall here in the south-west to bring the most exciting musicians and performers down to this part of the world, luring them away from the the concert halls of London.

We’re very excited here at the Two Moors Festival to have been featured in an article on the Daily Telegraph website about why concert halls must be positioned in places other than city centres.

Rupert Christiansen wrote of our project: “It might sound visionary bordering on daft, but I’m reminded of a hugely successful project near Florence. Designed by Giovanni Michelucci the Cathedral of the Autostrada stands by the main road from Milan to Rome … Today, it is much loved and heavily patronised by drivers and their families who stop off to pray and rest, proving that it’s not just petrol and coffee that we want from a motorway service station.”

You can read the full article here. What do you think of our plans to set up a concert hall in the south-west? We’d love to know your thoughts.


One thought on “The Daily Telegraph On The Two Moors Festival Concert Hall”

  1. I greatly enjoyed the concert on Saturday night in Exeter Cathedral. Fantastic playing from Ms. Szymczewska. Can you inform me what the piece was that she played as an encore?

    Many thanks,

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