Over For Another Year…

Artistic director Penny Adie writes:

After 33 concerts in ten days, I am not sure whether to be relieved that the whole lot has been and gone without too many blips, or grateful to be able to catch up on some much needed sleep. One thing is for certain and that is being ecstatic about the astounding level of artistry at this year’s Two Moors – as the many followers of UK classical music festivals who attended will surely attest to.

The most important thing of all, I think, is that the audience, regardless of age and musical knowledge, went home on a high as a result of listening to music played at the highest possible level. In fact, it could not have been more so. The standard of performance could not have been surpassed anywhere and people in the south-west were privileged to hear such sublime playing.

The artists, without doubt, were inspired to give their best. They were given outstanding TLC, with many commenting on how much difference it made to be looked after as people as opposed to being taken for granted as employees. We think it is most important that performers are offered hot food plus anything else that they might require, whether it be a hot water bottle or a toothbrush.

An overriding comment this year has been the unique atmosphere to be found at a Two Moors Festival concert. This came in the form of attentiveness of the audience together with the silence that was apparent at the end of a work or the performance itself. The artists, right across the board, remarked on this as well, saying that this reaction was true inspiration for their performance.

On to more light-hearted things that happened this year: the Artistic Director got locked in the loo in Dunster, two artists tapped in the wrong postcode and finally arrived at their destination 25 minutes before the starting time of their concert, the handles fell off the back door thus making it impossible to get into the house, the shock absorbers went on the car, the heating broke down in one church so it was so cold that you see your breath – and so on. It would be extraordinary if there weren’t things that went wrong.

One crucial thing to say is a BIG thank you to all those valiant volunteers who gave so much support. Without them, the festival would not have operated. Thank you also to all those wonderful artists who, by their performances, brought much joy to their listeners. Thank you to all the super people who came to the concerts – your rapturous applause after each concert said it all!

So to next year – our 15th anniversary. The dates are 15th – 25th October 2015. We hope to see you there! Visit our website for further information and follow the blog for updates.


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