Exmoor’s World Championship Crabbing Competition

So this may not strictly be a Devon event, but it takes place so close to the Two Moors Festival headquarters (and it’s still on Exmoor) that we just had to blog about it, not least because it sounds so much fun.

The Exmoor World Championship Crabbing Competition is taking place this month on May 30th at Porlock Weir in Somerset, so if you happen to be on holiday in the region and are looking for something different to do, this would be an excellent choice.

Festival organisers John and Penny Adie, and their three children, used to spend many a happy hour crabbing on the pontoon in Dittisham, a delightful little village in South Devon that you must visit if you’re ever in the area – and they’re all sorely tempted to make their way to Porlock Weir to take part in this particular event, if just to reminisce about the good old days!

Everyone is eligible to compete and you could walk away with a beautiful trophy handmade by Bristol Blue Glass… all you have to do is bring your own line, bucket and bait.

If you’ve never done it before, here are a couple of crabbing tips to help ensure success at the competition.

1. Don’t forget the weight

If your bait is heavy enough, you might not need it, but a weight will help drag your line down and keep the bait at the bottom where all the best crabs are hiding.

2. Consider your bait

Don’t just use any old thing lying around the kitchen as bait. Crabs can be quite fussy! Bacon, chicken or bits of fish will work well, but crabs are particularly partial to sand eels so see if you can find any of those.

3. Bring a net

The hardest part about crabbing is getting your catch off the line and into the bucket, but a net will help ensure that they don’t escape back into the water. Bring a large bucket as well – you might catch so many that you run out of room!


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