The Two Moors Festival, Classic FM’s Festival in the south-west, was launched in 2001 to regenerate the area following the devastation caused by foot and mouth disease. Now a festival of international standing, its combination of impeccable concerts amid spectacular scenery has made it unique in Britain. Audiences come from far and wide to attend the festival’s main ten-day event in October and enjoy listening to international  performers as well as up-and-coming artists.


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  1. St George’s Church, Dunster, has been a venue for 2mf concerts from the very beginning. It is an association the we in Dunster greatly appreciate and we look forward each year to hosting the next fine concert/recital given by talented musicians. Music has always been an integral part of church worship, from plainsong to anthems, canticles, psalmody and, of course, humnody. It is difficult to imagine a church without music, whether it be liturgical or secular and it always a pleasure to entertain the 2mf and other festival organisers who make our ancient stones thrill with the sound of beautiful music, giving pleasure to so many.

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