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#UniInMyWellies – A Mole Valley Farmers Competition

Having our Two Moors Festival headquarters down in the very heart of the Devon countryside, we often find ourselves out and about in wellies – they’re the most practical option when you live in a valley, surrounded by nothing but fields, after all.

We were perusing Twitter the other day and came across an interesting hashtag – #UniInMyWellies – and, seeing that it was being run by local business Mole Valley Farmers, decided that it warranted further investigation.

As we discovered, it’s a contest going on at the moment between two universities to roadtest some of the wellies on offer at Mole Valley to find out which ones are the best, most hardy ones for farmers and other country dwellers.

We caught up with one of the testers, D’Arcie Rice, to find out more – and to find out just how she’s gone about putting her wellies through their paces.

2MF: So what exactly is Uni In My Wellies?
DR: #UniInMyWellies is a competition ran by Mole Valley Farmers between two universities Harper Adams and the Royal Agricultural University. 10 students at each university are picked to test wellington boots of various brands; the boots that I am testing are made by Bekina. The university that takes the best photos and creates the most publicity win- last year (the first year of this competition) Harper won. 
2MF: How did it all come about?
DR: I am currently a student at the Royal Agricultural University studying International Business Management (Agri-business & food); I am also a regular customer at Mole Valley Farmers so i follow them on Twitter. At the end of August i saw that they were looking for students to participate in this competition so I applied for a place, and subsequently gained a place on #TeamCiren.

2MF: What have you done to test your wellies?

DR: To test my wellington boots I have been wearing them around university, to parties, at the university farms, riding horses and walking my dog. I’ve also stood in a lake while wearing them! They are definitely waterproof!

2MF: Is any welly throwing involved?

DR: No welly throwing has been done yet, however I may give that a go!
2MF: What’s the verdict for the wellies you’ve tested? Any favourite brands?
DR: My Bekina StepliteXs are extremely comfortable and practical. I would recommend them to anyone who requires a good sturdy and warm pair of boots. They also have a fairly wide calf so its easy to tuck your overalls into them – which is normally an issue in many pairs of wellington boots. They haven’t weakened at all in the time I’ve owned them and I’m pleasantly surprised.

2MF: Tell us more about your course.

DR: My course is effectively a Business Management degree, however the international aspect comes from studying a chosen language for two years. I am studying French, and areas are specialised to show how general business works in the food and agriculture industries. It is really interesting and I really enjoy it.

2MF: What do you hope to do in the future?

DR: In the future I am not entirely certain what I’d like to do; however as long as it involves food or farming then I will be happy and I am sure as time goes on I will find a sector within the food/agriculture industry that I would like to go into. But for the moment I have more than two years left on my degree.

In pictures: