SymbolSmash to help kids learn classical music

Baby-musicIntroducing children to classical music at a young age is something we here at the Two Moors Festival are keen to support and we can often be found in schools across the south-west holding workshops and teaching youngsters about different instruments, music and composers, getting them as involved as we can.

There are so many tools at our disposal these days thanks to technology and there are a lot of apps teachers can download as educational resources to help boost their lessons. After all, if it’s on a phone children might be more inclined to pick it up and pay attention! The latest app to come out is from SymbolSmash, set up by Marion Musry who has been teaching music and working with young people for 20 years.

The music on the app has been specifically chosen with children aged between the ages of two and eight in mind, beginning with Voyage to the Moon by Jacques Offenbach, with notation and symbols brought to life by different characters like Crescendo Croc, Violet the Violin and Penelope Piano.

At £1.49 a download on the iPad, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment, particularly if it inspires youngsters to immerse themselves more in the classical music world. Some of the games are a bit simplistic and like many others to be found on the iPad – just for fun with not much educational value, so older children may not get as much out of it as younger ones but as an introduction to classical music this app is a great choice.


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