Win a £3,000 Arcus Gold violin bow!

Young musicians dreaming of being the next Anne Akiko Meyers could boost their chances of their dream coming true if they enter a competition being run by the violinist herself – with the grand prize being a $5,000 (£3,192) Arcus Cadenza Gold carbon fibre violin bow.

Open to aspiring violinists of all ages, the contest is being run over social media, with Meyers calling on players to upload a two-minute video to her Facebook page showing her just why they deserve to get their nimble hands on this rather amazing prize.

“I am so excited to give one of my gold Arcus violin bows away.  I have owned many different violin bows throughout my life, and now play using Tourte and Gold Arcus carbon fiber bows. It is extremely light and spiccato can come out super-clean at lightening speed. I used to think that using a heavy stick produced a bigger sound but now I believe it really is quite the opposite,” Anne wrote on her blog.

You’ve got to be in it to win it, so go on and have a go! You’ve got until September 1st to enter.

Let us know if you’re successful!


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