Top picks: Classical music promos!

Following the Belgium B-Classic Music Festival’s video mashing up K-pop twerking with Dvorak’s Symphony No 9 as a clever way of encouraging new audiences to listen to classical music, we thought we’d have a look to see what else is being done in this regard… and we love what we’ve found!

1. Belgium B-Classic Music Festival vs. Waveya

While the dance moves in this video probably aren’t quite what Dvorak had in mind when he composed his Symphony No 9, we’re sure they’ll have quite an impact and hopefully help rid classical music of its traditionally ‘staid’ image.

2. Concert milk!


A few years ago, Concert Hall Dortmund wanted to boost its audience numbers and came up with the rather innovative idea of concert milk. Lots of research has suggested that classical music can have a positive effect on the amount of milk produced by cows, so the company decided to use this to their benefit and came up with a drink that they sold to advertise their programmes. It worked – subscriptions went up by 19%!

3. Obey Thoven


In 2011, radio station WQXR combined classical music with graffiti to promote November as Beethoven Awareness Month by looking to graff artist Obey for inspiration and coming up with an ad campaign that mirrored his strong graphics and was featured on subway walls and construction sites.

4. Cheeky Handel

1013834_590066317740851_1091460417_nAnd one of our personal favourites – this poster was created to get children interested in classical music. What a great idea… no doubt it worked wonders!



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